My Art

My favorite thing to do outside of school and work is create art. I typically paint with acrylic on canvas but have branched out and tried new mediums. Here is a collection of my art.

A few semesters ago, I took a class that required we create a blog about anything we want. I made it about art and challenged myself to try a new style and medium for each post. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a landscape painting, self-portrait, greeting cards, and ceramics. These four were probably the most challenging of the ones I did. I don't like drawing people, especially myself, so I had to look in a mirror while a sketched myself. The landscape was based off of a photo of my childhood home. For both of those, I essentially went off of a photo which I don't usually do. It made me want to try portraits and landscapes again. The greeting cards required much more creativity than I expected, I thought it was going to be simple with the stamps! The ceramics were a complete bust since I used a child's kit. I definitely have newfound appreciation for pottery.

As you can see below, I mostly create abstract paintings, especially related to space. I really love and am interested in outer space, science fiction, and (of course) aliens. I have tried to step away from it and attempt painting in a different style, but I truly love letting the paint decide where to go.

Another art form that I have as a hobby is stage makeup. I'm currently enrolled in a stage makeup course so that I can expand my skill set, since I mostly focus on horror and gore. I taught myself through YouTube videos and books. The course includes old age and animal makeup, both of which I have never tried. Below are some spooky photos of my (fake) mutilations.

The sliced finger was one of the first applications I ever did. The youtube video I followed is Powdah's Original Sliced Finger Effect.

Here is a list of some mediums I would like to try in the future