Tina, Basboosa, and Kunafa

My dog Tina is the happiest, derpiest dog. I didn't think she was so strange before, but many people who have met her say she is. She eats used toilet paper and aggressively guards dirty socks like they are a bone. If I give her a treat that's too big for her to finish in a few bites, she will guard it like it's the end of the world. Tina doesn't like to cuddle unless she's scared.

She's 11 years old and acts like a baby. Tina is a Maltese-Toy Poodle mix, and weighs 20 pounds (17, when shaved). For the last five years, it's just been the two of us together. She doesn't get along with other dogs, but would sunbathe with the cats at my nana's apartment complex. In January 2019, I got two cats and Tina's world was changed forever. She loved them and would wait outside the room I would keep them in.

Basboosa and Kunafa are a little over a year old and act like babies too. It took two months of hard work before I could let the three of them in one room together. I did a lot of research on how to get cats and dogs to interact. They don't really pay much attention to each other, except when they all want to wake me up, go to the bathroom with me, or it's time to eat! I love my cats very much, but it is a different love from the one I have with Tina. She's got 11 years on them, and she is always excited to see me! Kunafeh is a major loner and only wants attention when she's in heat. Basboosa is the babiest baby and loves to sit on my homework. She is actually very naughty and steals my earrings and necklaces. The other day I was sewing and she jumped on the desk, grabbed a needle, and tried to escape.

My current painting project is an updated portrait of Tina. The finished painting below was done in 2015. I started the sketch last week. I wanted to create a new one since she has grown, and my skills have changed.

Things Tina Loves Things Tina Hates
peanut butter wearing a harness
dirty socks wilted lettuce
humping her bed no treats after going potty
running around after a bath baths
watching other dogs at the park playing with other dogs at the park
begging for food when the cats sleep in her spot
car rides when Basboosa sits on the TV stand
barking at everything outside the window smoke detectors that beep when out of battery
meeting new people loud noises (learned this from the apt being re-roofed)