I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. My family immigrated from Iraq in the 1980s; I’m a first generation American. I speak Arabic at home.

I have a dog, Tina, and two cats, Basboosa and Kunafa. Tina is 12 years old, and the cats are 2 years old. We like to watch Dreamworks movies together, but they don’t care to watch anything else.

In my spare time, I like to paint, sew, and bake. Anything creative that lets me use my hands is something I’m interested in. I mainly paint acrylic on canvas, but have dabbled in watercolor. In the beginning my paintings focused on space, stars, and galaxies. I then moved into abstract and expressionist. My styles are all over the place now, as I don’t paint as often.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I have been making my own costumes for the last eight years. I alter my clothes as well. I have made bags out of shirts, a mini top hat, an apron, and more. I love special effects makeup too! Realistic wounds are my favorite to create, but my proudest moment was turning into Connie from Big Mouth!

I’m currently reading A Cosmic Voyage, which is about aliens. I’m also reading A Great and Terrible Beauty, which I read in high school. I want to see if re-reading this book as an adult will change my perception of it.

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